How to Dress for a Job Interview

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A job interview is one of those occasions when every detail matters and everything must be perfect. Because the first impression is almost always decisive,especially in the corporate world we must pay close attention at our interview attire.

When meeting with a potential employer you must always look your best. Your interview attire must be impeccable and it must suit the occasion. You must dress for the position you aim to acquire. In most cases it is better to be more formally dressed than to be underdressed whether you are aiming for a CEO position or an entry level position.

Attention to details is crucial,especially for a position where the image presented to the customer is vital, in which case you are going to be judged more harshly. When dressing for an interview try dressing conservatory and make sure you cover up anything your employer should not see such as tattoos.

Men interview attire
When dressing for an interview men usually have an easier task than women. To make sure that you are adequately dressed you should choose solid dark colored business suit such as black,brown,navy or dark gray.

The shirt should be long sleeved and best colors are white,pale blue or beige. Make sure that the primary color of a patterned tie complements your suit and the second compliments the color of your shirt.
Check to see if the color of your belt matches the color of your shoes. The shoes should be black or brown colored shoes.

Polish your shoes right before the interview to avoid unpleasant surprises. When it comes to accessories you should keep them at a bare minim.
If you wear a watch,it would be wise to put it in your pocket before the interview to avoid looking at it even by accident during the interview. Carry a briefcase or a nice leather portfolio.

Women interview attire
Women have to pay attention to several aspects when dressing for an interview. Woman should choose a two piece suit. Both trousers and skirts are acceptable but if you choose a skirt make sure its length reaches the knee line.
Your business suit should also be in dark colors. Another increasingly popular option for women is a tailored,dark colored business dress with a jacket.
If you go for the traditional version you should know that you can choose a long sleeved shirt in various colors as long as they are not too strong.

However, the most suitable choices remain colors such as white,cream or blue. On the same token your hairstyle must be simple yet elegant and accessories must be discrete.

A portfolio or a brief case will make you look more professional than a disorganized XXL bag.
When it comes to fragrances,choose one that will leave a light scent. For women,make-up should look natural, therefore minimalist make-up would be a good choice. Also, manicured nails are a must.

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