Examples of Creative Nail Art

Stylish fingernails and the most unique nail designs from all over the world.

Mario Nails

Awesome nail art inspired by the Super Mario Bros. 3 video game. [link]

Diamond Nails

Katy Perry’s stylish manicure features nails covered in rhinestones. [link]

Pac-Man Nails

Nail art inspired by the characters from the popular arcade game. [link]

Glowing Nails

Fingernails that glow in the dark with get you noticed at a night club. [link]

Fast Food Nails

Unique nail art features brand names of popular fast food companies.

Bacon Nails

This delicious looking fingernail art was inspired by BACON. [link]

Binary Nails

Unusual manicure inspired by the binary numeral system. [link]

World Cup Nails

Why not support your home team with a set of cool flag nails? [link]

Christmas Nails

Fun manicure by Janet Riffe was inspired by Christmas holidays. [link]

Browser Nails

Internet inspired nail art created by Japanese blogger Mamipeko. [via]

Twitter Nails

Contemporary nail design dedicated to the Twitter nation. [link]

Spongebob Nails

SpongeBob SquarePants nail art created by Maria Katrina Tiong. [link]

Soft Drink Nails

Nail art by Janet Riffe features brand names of popular soda drinks. [link]

Zipper Nails

Stylish nails designed by Laura Sofiakoski feature a real zipper. [link]

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