HOT FOR HOMMES: Uniform-Inspired

we don't necessarily want the men in our lives to hold too fast to ancient and outdated gender roles - sometimes a gal likes the simple joys in life, like freedom from getting thumped over the head, dragged back to a cave, and forced to baste the mastodon cooking on a spitfire. But while we'd prefer our boyfriends not revert to Neanderthal mores, after years of the super-suave "metro" look, we're actually enjoying a return to some more old-school forms of men's fashion. Heating up for the fall are uniform-like looks inspired by traditional masculine roles - think rugged worker shirts, functional military jackets, retro-'60s suiting, and Ivy League schoolboy chic. Swing by Saks Fifth Avenue (800 Boylston Street, Boston, 617.262.8500) for some of their buys reflecting the look, from designers like John Varvatos, Prada, and Rag & Bone. If you need to construct the season's wardrobe on a tighter budget, just keep some of the fundamentals in mind, no matter where you shop: monochromatic pairings and masculine refinement.

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