Tall and boyish
Usually, tall women can consider themselves very lucky as they can wear any type of jeans they want. However, there are a few specific details that should be taken into consideration. If you are tall, try wearing long pockets with special designs in order to balance the silhouette. If you have skinny legs, tight-fitting jeans can enhance your feminine look. Match a pair of skinny jeans with flat sandals. The same type of jeans work great for boyish figures.

Pear shape

If you have a pear shaped body, choose jeans that have a special cut at the waist. This type of jeans helps you if you have big hips, while a high-waist perfectly hides love handles. Moreover, if you opt for a pair of jeans in a darker color, you'll look slimmer, and you'll be able to hide other unpleasant aspects of your silhouette. Go for straight-cut jeans and ones that have small back pockets positioned in the center. Choose colorful, loose t-shirts or tunics and pair them with jeans in order to draw the attention from the lower part.

Plus size

Most women who deal with this problem believe that hidding in large clothes solves the issue. This is so false. If you are a plus size, wear high-waisted jeans or flare jeans that can only enhance the best parts of your body. Choose jeans that are a little loose on the legs. Dark-colored denim makes you look slimmer. If you go for medium-sized pockets you'll be able to hide big hips. One important thing you must keep in mind is that high-waisted jeans are perfect if you want to camouflage love handles or a big stomach. Choose dark jeans in a plain color. If you choose destroyed jeans, make sure the destroyed part is found only on a small area. Also, jeans that cover half of the heel create the illusion of longer and thinner legs.


For petite women, a pair of tight-fitting jeans that are ankle-length are the perfect option. Avoid jeans that are shorter than this. Choose jeans with small pockets in order to balance proportions. Also, try to pick simple cuts that follow the line of the body. If you want to look taller, pair skinny jeans with high-heeled shoes. Also, flare jeans make you look taller. Pay attention as a high waist can add a bit of length too.

  • Avoid extremes. Don't choose too tight-fitting jeans as they might look rather unaesthetic, or too large ones that only draw the attention on the problem areas.
  • Dark colors make you look slimmer.
  • The hem should end at heel level. However, you should buy longer jeans rather than wearing too short ones. Try to choose jeans based on the shoes you are wearing.
  • Pay attention to the pockets. Too small pockets make your buttocks look larger. If you choose pockets with embellishments and different details will add curve to your buttocks.