How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

It is very easy to correct the expression of the face by simply playing with the shape of the eyebrows. The shape and the length of the eyebrows should be chosen according to your facial features. However, maintaining their natural look, your eyebrows can enhance the beauty of your eyes and face.

The perfect eyebrows are those that are chosen depending on your face shape and facial features. The most frequent mistakes women make is starting with the idea that it is absolutely necessary to redraw the shape of the brows, when, in fact, the main purpose is to find their natural line and improve it. Using a white eye liner, draw the contour you want your eyebrows to have. Then, pluck only what is outside this contour.
  • Another important aspect is to know when to stop tweezing. Once you find the shape you want, you have to give up the temptation of tweezing another hair, as you only might ruin the final result.
  • In order to find the perfect shape, you just need a white eyeliner for drawing the right contour of the eyebrows, tweezers, a special brush for filling the empty spaces with eyeshadow, a small pair of scissors to trim too long hairs, if needed, an eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow in a color close to the one of your brows, gel or wax in order to set unruly eyebrows into place.

  • The technique used for shaping the brows is very easy. Take a pencil and place it straight up from the side of the nostril and cross the eye at the tear duct going up to the eyebrow. This is the first step in finding the inner brow line and this is where the brow should begin. Then, in order to set the outer point of the brow, put the pencil from the edge of the nose going up to the outer corner of the eye. The perfect brows should stand between the two limits. Finally, you should find the peak of the arch by placing the pencil in front of the iris.

  • Now it's time you establish what shape is suitable for you. For example, arched, rounded brows tend to sweeten the face, while the circumflex-shaped ones make you look younger. If you leave them too long and dropping, they only sadden and make you look older. For close-set eyes, you should start plucking slightly farther out than the inner line. If your brows are too long, you can correct them using tweezers. If they are too short, you can redraw their shape with a pencil and then brushing them for a natural aspect.

  • When defining the shape of the brows you can use a white eyeliner in order to mark the most arched point of your eyebrows, which should be at 2/3 length from their base. From the maximum point of arching, the eyebrow should go down, becoming thinner. After wards, start tweezing the hairs that are outside the white contour, starting from the base. When tweezing, the hair should be pulled out in the same direction of hair growth.

  • Whenever tweezing, try to do it just after the bath as hairs will come out much easier and quicker, and the process will be less painful. Before trimming them, brush the hairs, and try not to ruin their shape by cutting too much. If you want to help them grow, apply, every evening, a product for regeneration.

  • Use an eyebrow pencil in a shade close to the one of your eyebrows in order to fill in sparse areas and make your brows look thicker. Make fine lines that simulate natural hair, blend and soften. After your eyebrows have been shaped the only thing you have to do is to maintain their perfect shape by plucking the new hairs.


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